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Scott Frock piano lesson irving

Scott Frock


My name is Scott Frock. I am a very experienced piano teacher. I have been teaching piano privately for 20 years. I have also taught music appreciation, conducting, and choir at the college level.  I have a Bachelors degree in music with a concentration in piano, and a Masters degree in Music theory. I held a graduate assistantship teaching music theory at the University of North Texas. I have been teaching in Irving for a few years. 

I am a member of the Music Teachers Association, and I enter students in performance activities and in the Texas State Theory Test. I currently have openings for new students, beginners, intermediate / advanced, and adult.  

I use the Faber&Faber method books. I feel like these books have the most interesting music, and the soundest musical examples. I use the “Just the facts” series for theory study. These books prepare students for the Texas State Theory Exam which students take if they and their parents are interested. Students begin with the five – finger technique warm ups and within the first year (in general) most students can learn one octave scales and beyond.


Recitals are twice a year. Students who show interest, and dedication, can perform in one or two festivals per year, one in the fall and one in the spring at a local venue. Recitals are held in Flower Mound.


An important part of piano study is practice. This is a necessary element! Students need to commit to practice at home, outside of the lesson. Minimum for 1st year study is 5- 10 minutes daily. As students become more advanced, practice time needs to increase. Parents frequently need to help to make sure student practice, especially beginners. Recommended age to begin piano lessons is 6.


Students typically work on basic music for a year or two. Later, students can chose to play what they like. However, festivals are specific about what music and what pieces are performed. Festivals involve a memorized piece performed in front of judges for a grade.

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