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Scott Frock piano lesson irving

Studio Policy


As of 9/01/2022:

  • Lessons w/ this studio are 35.00 per half hour. Money is due at the beginning of the month for the whole month, Money, in any form, check, Zelle, etc., is due as soon as the bill is sent. 3-day grace period. Money not received by 3 days after bill is sent, 10.00 charge.

  • One sick day every 6 months is accepted w/ out charge. I understand things happen. I am no longer doing any make up lessons. 

  • Currently, students pay 20.00 to join what is called the Student Affiliate - which enables students to enroll in several TMTA (Texas Music Teacher Association) activities, one is the State Theory test. Dues are 15.00, good for one year. 

Vacations: are done this way: 

  • Miss one week, pay 25.00 to keep your slot.

  • 2 people, 1 week is 30 two weeks away, pay 50.00 to keep your slot, (2 people, 75).

  • 3 weeks away pay 100.00, (2 people pay 120) 4 weeks, pay 120. (2 people, pay 150.)

  • 5 weeks, pay 160, (2 people pay 200).

  • More than 5 weeks, talk to teacher.

  • Theory test is 10.00. Only the teacher can register students for the theory test or for festivals. I will send out bills for payment for tuition, & include charges for books, festivals, recitals, etc. No refunds, except under circumstances above. Whether on zoom, Skype or in person, class is forfeited after 9 minutes. One month notice required when ending lessons.

  • All the above is non - negotiable. Teacher shows up at students front door to teach. Lesson time has been agreed upon by teacher & at least one parent. Parent opens the door, says student is not available. Regular charge for the lesson, no refund, no makeup.


       Thank you!

     Scott Frock

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